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35-526 – BR Blue & Grey

One of the latest models to arrive with Bachmann retailers is the Bachmann Branchline OO scale Class 121 ‘Bubble Car’ meaning there has never been a better time to expand your bubble by adding one of these fine models to your fleet.

The Branchline Class 121 has been designed from the rails up alongside its three-car counterpart – the Class 117. These cutting-edge models build upon Bachmann’s rich heritage in producing high-fidelity models of first generation DMUs, further enhanced with the addition of a new drive system, the latest lighting features and full DCC compatibility.

35-525 – BR Green with Speed Whiskers

The new drive system allows the model to be equipped with a low profile, underfloor drive-line that permits reproduction of an unprecedented level of interior detail, with no intrusion from the mechanism into the visible interior.

Each model depicts a specific unit with details such as the buffers, cab handrails, headcode boxes and the addition of bodyside louvre vents – all faithfully reproduced in miniature. Each detail is captured and replicated resulting in a model that is true to its prototype for any given period.

35-527 – Network SouthEast (Revised)

Below the solebar the 121 is elevated to yet another level, with a wonderful mix of components authentically representing the prototype’s drive mechanism and ancillary equipment. The livery application is the icing on the cake and no detail has been ignored, each component is painted and where appropriate printed detail is added too – from the obvious such as running numbers and lining, to the implausible such as the wood grain effect on the destination blind boxes.

The highly detailed Class 121 feature a wealth of detail including the flexible speedo cable fitted between bogie and solebar, plus era-specific variations such as the cab handrails.

As built, the cab handrails were hollow and also served as the downpipes for the cant-rail gutter. They were later changed for solid types which did not extend to cant-rail level. Both types are catered for on the Branchline model, with the BR Green version sporting the original, longer rails whilst the Blue & Grey and Network SouthEast models have the later, shorter versions.

Changing faces of the Class 121 DMU

The ‘face’ of the Class 121s changed relatively little over the years, but those details that did change have been faithfully modelled including the different buffer types and the plated over headcode boxes. The buffer-beams featured an abundance of pipework to enable multiple working and a full ensemble is supplied with each Branchline model. Note also the destination blind in the central cab window highlighting the level of printed detail on these models – with the BR Green model even featuring a wood-grain finish.

Visit our website for futher details about the Class 121 DMUs.

With the BR Green model having already sold out and limited supplies of the other two versions, contact your local Bachmann stockist to secure yours today!