Battle of Britain 80th Anniversary

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The 80th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain commemorates the defence of the United Kingdom by the RAF against Nazi Germany’s Luftwaffe in World War Two. British Allies from nations such as Canada, Poland, Australia and New Zealand also took part in the fight. It was the first major battle fought entirely in the air and marked Nazi Germany’s first significant military defeat.

In honour of this event, September 15th has become an annual day to remember the Battle of Britain in the UK. The battle actually lasted for three months, but the date observes the day in 1940 where the UK saw the largest military air strike by the Luftwaffe. We would like to pay our respects to the bravery and sacrifice of the men Churchill called “The Few” on this momentous day.

Feature image: Hawker Hurricane Mk1 from Pegasus (PKPG8411).