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Limited Edition models of No. 20142 'Sir John Betjeman' & No. 20227 'Sherlock Holmes' SOUND FITTED

As part of Bachmann Europe’s Summer 2021 British Railway Announcements, the Bachmann Collectors Club today unveiled its latest Limited Edition models – produced exclusively for Club members. In conjunction with the London Transport Museum, we are delighted to announce two new Class 20/0 diesel locomotives, utilising the all-new tooling for the Bachmann Branchline Class 20/0, depicting No. 20142 ‘Sir John Betjeman’ and No. 20227 ‘Sherlock Holmes’. Both models have SOUND FITTED and are decorated in the stunning London Transport Lined Maroon livery.

Our Limited Edition models incorporate a wealth of detail with authentic features throughout, a full complement of buffer beam pipework (painted accordingly), and exquisite livery application. Technical features include directional lighting (including cab-end high-intensity headlight), interior cab lighting, NEM coupling pockets, sprung buffers, and is powered by a five pole motor with twin flywheels. Both models are SOUND FITTED, featuring a Zimo MX645P22 sound decoder and speaker. Like all SOUND FITTED models, these will operate on standard analogue control producing basic Prime Mover (engine) sounds, which vary with speed, plus any other automated sounds – or full control of the numerous sound effects and operating modes can be achieved when operating on DCC.

Limited Edition | No. 20142 ‘Sir John Betjeman’

Limited Edition models No. 20227 'Sherlock Holmes' Sound Fitted Bachmann Branchline Model

Harking back to the classic London Transport livery of the 1950s, No. 20142 appeared in its new paint scheme in September 2016 and was named ‘Sir John Betjeman’ during the London Transport Museum’s Acton Depot open weekend the same month. Complete with Metropolitan Railway crests and L142 headcodes, the locomotive was named after Sir John Betjeman who was Poet Laureate of the United Kingdom from 1972 until his death in 1984. A lifelong railway enthusiast, he featured in the BBC documentary Metro-Land in 1973 and led a successful campaign to save St. Pancras Station – where a statue of him now stands – in the 1960s.

Limited Edition | No. 20227 ‘Sherlock Holmes’

Limited Edition models No. 20227 'Sherlock Holmes' Sound Fitted Bachmann Branchline Model

No. 20227 has a long association with London Transport having been painted into Metropolitan Maroon in 2000 and named ‘Sir John Betjeman’ at the time. In 2013 the locomotive was repainted into London Underground ‘LT150’ Red and White for the ‘Steam on the Met’ services in March 2013. In 2017 No. 20227 received its current London Transport Lined Maroon livery as modelled, but in a deviation from the livery applied to No. 20142 it carries London Transport roundels with the number 8 below, plus domino headcodes. With its former name now carried by No. 20142, the locomotive was named ‘Sherlock Holmes’ after the famous fictional private detective – the name formerly carried by London Transport Metropolitan Electric Locomotive No. 8. The naming was carried out in May 2018 as part of the Class 20 Metropolitan Railtour which was hauled by Nos. 20142 and 20227.

Just 160 of each model have been produced and with delivery expected in July 2021, Bachmann Collectors Club members can pre-order theirs today by completing the online form (you’ll need to login first). Each model is priced at £279.95 which includes delivery to UK addresses. New members can also Join Today and secure their models too. In addition to these Club exclusive models, non-sound versions are available to purchase from the London Transport Museum.