Product Preview: Class 350 and 450 Desiro UK EMUs

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Graham Farish Preview - Class 450 and Class 350

The Product Highlights from the last few weeks have all been about models that are either already available or arriving in the near future, so this time we have decided to focus on some models that are a little further away.

We have recently received decorated livery samples of the upcoming Class 450 and Class 350 Electric Multiple Units – two of the Classes that make up the Siemens Desiro UK family of units.


Whilst the Class 350 has been offered as part of the Graham Farish N Scale range before, the Class 450 is a new model never before produced in N scale. The Graham Farish model features new tooling to capture the specific details which set the 450s apart from the similar Class 350s – most notably on the TSO vehicle where the empty pantograph well has been modelled in full likeness to the prototype.

These N Scale models are currently expected to be available from our retailers during the early months of 2024, and both models share the following features:

  • Directional lighting
  • NEM Couplings
  • Accessory pack
  • Equipped with 3 x 6 Pin DCC Decoder Sockets – recommended Decoder 36-568A
  • Ready to Accept a Speaker


371-725 – Class 450 4-Car EMU No. 450073 South West Trains

The first of our two livery samples is 371-725, which is our new Class 450 Desiro EMU No. 450073 in the blue, orange, yellow and red livery of South West Trains, with destination blinds for Portsmouth & Southsea. 

Built for use across the south of England where third-rail power systems are common, the Class 450s are designed to pick up power using shoes attached to the bogie. These shoes are among the many details that have been modelled on the Class 450 model.

Despite only operating in areas using power from a third rail, the Class 450 units were designed with the expectation that they may eventually also be used in areas with overhead power lines. The ability for pantographs to be installed at a later date was provided in the form of empty pantograph wells on the roof.



371-703 – Class 350 4-Car EMU No. 350407 First TransPennine Express

Our next livery sample is of 371-703, which depicts Class 350 Desiro unit No. 350407 in First TransPennine Express’ sparkling silver, blue and purple livery, with destination blinds for Manchester Airport. 

While otherwise very similar to the Class 450 units, Class 350s were designed to be used in areas with overhead power lines. The pantograph that allows them to do this has also been included on these models, where it can be seen on the roof of the PTOSLW (Pantograph Trailer Open Second Lavatory Wheelchair) vehicle.

The earliest variations of the Class 350, known as Class 350/1s, were fitted with shoes for third-rail power just as the Class 450s had been. However, the shoes were removed on the later versions as they were not required. First TransPennine Express only used a later variation, Class 350/4, so there are no shoes attached to the bogies on this model.



These models will not be available for a while yet, so head to the Bachmann Europe website, where you can find the latest release information. Once you’ve selected your models, get in touch with your nearest retailer to pre-order yours!

Your nearest retailer can be found by using the Retailers page on our website, which can be accessed either from the menu at the top of the page or by clicking on the button below.