Product Highlight: Scenecraft O Scale Models

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The Scenecraft range contains many scenic items across multiple different scales. Today, we are going to look at some of the newer O Scale scenic items that can be placed on a layout based around a depot or a yard.


47-575 – 4 Lever Open Ground Frame

The first model is 47-575, which is a 4 Lever Open Ground Frame. Levers such as this were used in yards or other areas with points where there wasn’t the need or enough space for a full-sized signal box. The cabinet would have contained telephone equipment to allow railway staff to keep in contact.



47-139 – Shunters Mess Room

47-139 depicts a Shunters Mess Room, although the mid-to-late 20th century style means that it could also be used for a variety of other purposes and locations. The model has etched window frames and realistic glazing.



47-0053 – Servicing Point

The next model is 47-0053, which depicts a Servicing Point for diesel locomotives and electric locomotives. The model has contemporary warning signs suitable for use on any layout depicting the modern day. 



47-128 – Fuelling Point Pump House

Our next model is 47-128, which depicts a Fuelling Point Pump House. This model is designed to work in conjunction with the 47-129 Fuel Storage Tank models, with one on either side. Like many of the models on this list, the windows have etched metal frames and realistic glazing.



47-129 – Fuel Storage Tank

47-129 is a Fuel Storage Tank, with piping and an access platform. This model is suitable for use in commercial and industrial locations as well as in rail depots. These are designed so that two can be used in conjunction with the 47-128 Fuel Point Pump House model above by placing one on either side.



47-040 – Diesel Fuelling Point

Our next model is 47-040, which is a Diesel Fuelling Point. This model can be combined with the 47-128 Fuel Point Pump House and 47-129 Fuel Storage Tank to depict all the equipment required to keep diesel locomotives fuelled and ready.



47-039 – Office Block

47-039 depicts a depot Office Block, with modern lighting and security cameras. The office complies with health and safety rules by having a wall-mounted fire extinguisher and modern warning signs. The foreman has his own separate room.



47-055 – Site Office

Our final model is 47-055, which depicts a contemporary Site Office. The model has warning signs informing visitors and employees about the requirements to wear hard hats, while the windows have been covered by security grilles for extra protection from damage.


These models aren’t the only O Scale items in the Scenecraft range, as there are more buildings and a range of figures that are also available.

There are also O Scale items and accessories available in the ranges from Bachmann Trains, Woodlands Scenics and Proses, ensuring that there are plenty of choices available for O Scale modellers from Bachmann Europe.

These models are already available from Bachmann stockists, so head to the Bachmann website to see more details and images. Once you’ve selected your models, get in touch with your nearest retailer to purchase yours!

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