Product Highlight: OO Scale Bulleid Coaches

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The latest models to arrive to the Bachmann Branchline range are the Southern Railway Bulleid Coaches in SR Malachite Green. The arrival of these coaches is a perfect opportunity to have a deeper look into our current range of OO Scale Bulleid Coaches and the various liveries that are available.

These coaches were built by the Southern Railway to designs by Oliver Bulleid, and had many successful features that went on to influence the later Mk1 coaches built by British Railways. Bulleid’s coaches generally worked in fixed sets of variable lengths, and had many changes during their lifetimes. These details have all been accurately accounted for in the selection of liveries, numbers and variations of our models. 

These coach models all share the following features:

  • Accessory Pack
  • NEM Coupling Pockets
  • Close Coupling Mechanism

SR Bulleid 10″ Vents SR Malachite Green

The first three models are Southern Railway Bulleid Coaches in the SR’s Malachite Green livery.

  • 34-725 – Brake Third Semi-Open No. 4341
  • 34-725A – Brake Third Semi-Open No. 4342
  • 34-750 – Composite Corridor No. 5771

These coaches all ran together as 3-car set No. 790, so they share many of the same features between them. Along with the 10” deep window vents, they all have smooth bodysides, twin vacuum brake cylinders, centrally mounted Bulleid Battery Boxes, Bulleid dynamos, long footboards and short roof tanks. The two brake coaches have additional six-piece bogie steps at the brake end, twin handrails on the Guard’s door and twin handrails on the luggage door.



SR Bulleid Third Corridor 10” Vents BR (Ex-SR) Malachite Green

Our next model, 34-775, depicts a SR Bulleid Third Corridor Coach during the early years of the transition to British Railways. The coach is still decorated in the Southern Railway’s Malachite Green livery, but has many details that were applied by BR, including the number of S1935. The model has smooth bodysides, a single vacuum brake cylinder, Mk1 battery boxes, a Mk1 dynamo, short footboards, and a short roof tank. This coach did not belong to any fixed set and would have been added to pre-existing sets when additional capacity was required.



SR Bulleid 15″ Vents BR Crimson & Cream

Our next five models are SR Bulleid Coaches in BR’s Crimson and Cream livery.

  • 34-727 – Brake Third Semi-Open No. S4005
  • 34-727A – Brake Third Semi-Open No. S4006
  • 34-751 – Composite Corridor No. S5865
  • 34-776 – Third Corridor No. S75
  • 34-776A – Third Corridor No. S76

Once again, these coaches would have all worked together as part of a 5-car set No. 847 and therefore have many features in common. These models all feature the deeper 15” window vents, smooth bodysides, a single vacuum brake cylinder, Mk1 battery boxes, a Mk1 dynamo, and short footboards. The brake corridors have short roof tanks, while the other coaches have long tanks.



SR Bulleid 10” Vents BR (SR) Green

Our final two models are Bulleid Coaches in BR (SR) Green.

  • 34-726 – Brake Third Semi-Open No. S4377S
  • 34-800 – Brake Composite No. S6706S

These coaches both ran together as fixed 2-car set No. 69. Both coaches have strengthening ribs on their bodysides, twin vacuum brake cylinders, Bulleid battery boxes, a Bulleid dynamo, long footboards, a single long guard’s door handrail, and a short roof tank. The Brake Third Semi Open coach also has a six piece bogie step at the brake end. 




These models are already available from Bachmann stockists, so head to the Bachmann website for more details. Once you’ve selected your models, get in touch with your nearest retailer to purchase yours!

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