Product Highlight: Class 158 2-Car DMU

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Product Highlight: OO Scale Class 158 2-Car DMU

The Class 158 2-Car DMU has been a feature of the Bachmann Branchline range of OO Scale models for the last few years, and four additional models with new liveries are set to arrive towards the end of the year.

These models carry a huge amount of detail on both the outside and inside. The bodyshell captures the elegant lines of the prototype whilst underneath, many separate components such as the engines, electrical equipment and auxiliary gear adorn the underframe and separately applied metal guards are fitted around each exhaust. 

The interior of the carriages have full detail, with seats, flooring and partitions decorated in the appropriate colours and designs. These details are enhanced by several different types of lighting across the passenger interiors, the cab interiors, the destination panels, the door interlock lights and the directional lighting on each cab.

On the technical side, these DMUs feature a powerful three pole motor and flywheel in each car, providing drive to the inner bogies just as on the real vehicles. The outer ends of the carriages feature working miniature BSI Couplings, whilst the close-couplings between the cars have conductive connections which allow the whole unit to be controlled from a single DCC decoder. The models also share the following features:

  • Twin axle drive with separate metal bearings fitted to each driven axle
  • Trailing axles run in metal pinpoint bearings
  • Electrical pickup from all wheels
  • Each model is supplied with an accessory pack comprising exhaust pipes, frame extensions and coupling tool
  • Two speakers fitted, one in each vehicle, for optimum sound reproduction – fitted to every model as standard
  • Door interlock lights when used on DCC
  • Equipped with a Plux22 DCC Decoder Socket – recommended Decoder item No. 36-570B
31-497 Class 158 2-Car DMU 158839 Inner Couplings

SOUND FITTED versions of each model are also available. These versions feature a Zimo MX645P22 DCC Sound Decoder that has been programmed using an exclusive sound project that contains over 25 functions.

The SOUND FITTED models may also be used on most Analogue (DC) layouts, where they will play prime mover sounds when power is applied. Directional lights and passenger compartment lights will also illuminate when power is applied.



31-499(SF) – Class 158 2-Car DMU 158844 Northern

31-499(SF) Class 158 2 Car DMU Northern

Our first new model is 31-499, which depicts a Class 158 2-Car DMU in Northern Livery. The set number is 158844 and is made up of cars 52844 and 57844. This DMU carries destination blinds for Leeds. The SOUND FITTED version is available as product code 31-499SF.



31-495(SF) – Class 158 2-Car DMU 158884 South West Trains

31-495(SF) Class 158 2 Car DMU South West Trains

Our second new model is 31-495, which is a Class 158 2-Car DMU in the livery of South West Trains. This set is number 158884, which contains cars 52772 and 57772. The destination blinds are for Salisbury. A SOUND FITTED version is available as product code 31-495SF.



31-497(SF) – Class 158 2-Car DMU 158839 Transport for Wales

31-497(SF) Class 158 2 Car DMU Transport For Wales

The third new model is 31-497, which is a Class 158 2-Car DMU in Transport for Wales livery. This set has the number 158839, and is made of cars 52839 & 57839. The destination blinds show Holyhead. The SOUND FITTED version is 31-497SF.



31-516A(SF) – Class 158 2-Car DMU 158856 Central Trains

31-516ASF Class 158 2 Car DMU Central Trains

Our final new model is 31‑516A, which depicts a Class 158 2-Car DMU in Central Trains livery. This set is 158856, which is made up of cars 52856 & 57856 and carries destination blinds for Leicester. A SOUND FITTED version is available as 31‑516ASF. This new model is already available from Bachmann Retailers.



Other Class 158 and 159 models

31-511ASF Class 158 2 Car DMU Arriva Trains Wales
31-502ASF Class 158 2 Car DMU BR WYPTE Metro
31-496SF Class 158 2 Car DMU BR Provincial Express
31-518 Class 158 2 Car DMU East Midlands Trains
31-520 Class 159 3 Car DMU BR Network SouthEast Revised

These new Class 158 DMUs join several other models of the same class in the Bachmann Branchline range. Many of these models are currently available as standard versions or with SOUND FITTED:

ClassLiverySetCarsDestination BlindsStandardSound Fitted
Class 158
2-Car DMU
BR Provincial
15876152761 &
Class 158
2-Car DMU
BR West Yorkshire
Passenger Transport
Executive Metro
15890152901 &
Manchester Victoria31‑502A31‑502ASF
Class 158
2-Car DMU
Arriva Trains
Wales (Revised)
15882452824 &
Class 158
2-Car DMU
East Midlands
15877357773 &
Sold Out
Class 159
3-Car DMU
BR Network
SouthEast (Revised)
52885 &
London Waterloo31‑52031‑520SF
Sold Out



Several of these Class 158 models are already available from Bachmann retailers and the others are set to be released in  the next few months, so head to the Bachmann Europe website where you can find the latest release information. Once you’ve selected your models, get in touch with your nearest retailer to order yours!

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