New Tooling – N & OO Scale Wagons

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Within our new 2019 catalogues we announced three new wagons across our OO and N scale ranges.


For the modern modeller, new tooling has been developed for the HKA Bogie Hopper Wagon which will be available in both our OO and N scale ranges!

In the early 1990s, National Power was developing plans to run its own coal trains to Drax Power Station. Trials had taken place during the autumn of 1992 using Tiphook KPA bogie hopper wagons. To realise its plans, National Power ordered five locomotives along with a batch of 85 hopper wagons. The first wagons were delivered in May 1995 and they soon received the TOPS code JMA. In 1998 National Power sold its rail operations to national freight operator EWS. Whilst much of the fleet was stored out of service, in early-2009, those JMAs that were still in service were fitted with new bogies, receiving the TOPS code HKA. As is often the case with freight stock, the wagons were not repainted and many still carried National Power branding.

38-036 HKA Bogie Hopper Wagon ‘National Power’ (OO scale – shown above)
373-811 HKA Bogie Hopper Wagon ‘National Power’ (N scale)

In more recent years, DB Schenker, faced with a shortage of hopper wagons, began a programme to refurbish several of the JMAs that were previously in storage. New bogies have been fitted and the wagons subsequently reclassified as HKAs and several have now been outshopped in the vibrant DB Schenker red livery.

38-038 HKA Bogie Hopper Wagon DB Schenker (OO scale – shown above)
373-813  HKA Bogie Hopper Wagon DB Schenker (N scale)

The real wagons can be defined as inners (without buffers) and outers (with buffers) and both our Branchline & Graham Farish models will be supplied with plug-in buffers in the accessory pack, allowing consumers to configure their models to meet their own requirements!

In Branchline OO scale:

  • 38-036  HKA Bogie Hopper ‘National Power’ – weathered
  • 38-037  HKA Bogie Hopper ‘National Power’ (De-Branded) – weathered
  • 38-038  HKA Bogie Hopper DB Schenker
Engineering Prototype of our Farish N Scale HKA Bogie Hopper wagon
Engineering Prototype of our Graham Farish N Scale HKA Bogie Hopper Wagon

In Graham Farish N scale:

  • 373-811  HKA Bogie Hopper ‘National Power’ Blue – weathered
  • 373-812  HKA Bogie Hopper ‘National Power’ (Rebranded) – weathered
  • 373-813  HKA Bogie Hopper DB Schenker


The Graham Farish range also sees the introduction of the WD 40T ‘Parrot’ Bogie Wagon.

373-351  WD 40T ‘Parrot’ Bogie Wagon LMS Grey (N scale)

250 wagons were constructed in 1917 to the standard LNWR 40 ton ‘Parrot’ bogie trolley design for the War Department – for use at home and by the French Railways during the First World War. After the war 25 of these were passed over to the LNWR to join the original ‘Parrot’ wagons and a further 140 were sold to the Midland Railway, plus some to the Caledonian Railway. The remainder of the wagons were either left in France or retained for use by the British Military. At the time of the Grouping in 1923, all the wagons in railway company ownership became part of the LMS fleet. By the Second World War the original 40t ‘Parrot’ wagons were requisitioned by the War Department for further military use.

373-351  WD 40T ‘Parrot’ Bogie Wagon LMS Grey (N scale)

In Graham Farish N scale:

  • 373-350  WD 40T ‘Parrot’ Bogie Wagon WD Grey
  • 373-351  WD 40T ‘Parrot’ Bogie Wagon LMS Grey

Our 2019 catalogues are packed full of our latest products and announcements making them a must-have guide for modellers and collectors alike. You can pick up your copy from your local Bachmann stockist very soon! Find your nearest Bachmann stockist here.

Image of the NEW Bachmann Branchline 2019 product catalogue & the Graham Farish 2019 catalogue.

We’ll be taking a look at some of our other 2019 announcements over the coming weeks, so be sure to visit the Bachmann website regularly for more product previews!