Woodland Scenics SubTerrain System

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As featured on last Friday’s ‘The Great Model Railway Challenge’ on Channel 5, the Woodland Scenics SubTerrain system is the perfect base for an easy yet effective layout. The system, which does not require complicated calculations or expensive power tools to use, consists of sturdy, durable and lightweight foam components that take the guesswork out of designing and building a layout. A selection of affordable, easy to use tools & adhesives are also available to help simplify the process and work harmoniously with the system. Watch the tutorial playlist below to help give you a head start on SubTerrain system.

The team which utilised the SubTerrain system, Porthcawl Railway Club, were the first to have a locomotive moving around their layout showing the speed and effectiveness the foam components can be assembled and used. The flexible foam bed can bend into your desired corner radius and pinned into place using Foam Nails (WST1432) whilst waiting for the glue to dry. Available as part of the range is a selection of risers in various lengths and gradients allowing you greater accuracy for your layout when transitioning from a lower trackbed to something elevated. To see what products are in the SubTerrain range, please visit the product pages here.

Above: Example of how the Woodland Scenics SubTerrain system works

Contact your local Bachmann stockist to purchase your products from the Woodland Scenics SubTerrain system. If you missed the first episode of ‘The Great Model Railway Challenge’ you can catch up by watching it on the My5 website here. Tune in to Channel 5 this Friday (12th October 2018) at 8:00pm to watch the second episode.