British Railway Announcements | Spring 2022

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Today (Wednesday 2nd February 2022) we unveiled our first new products for 2022 with the Spring 2022 British Railway Announcements. After a busy and successful 2021 which saw the release of 12 brand new tooling projects from Bachmann Branchline, Graham Farish and Bachmann Narrow Gauge, today’s announcements kickstart the new releases for 2022 with three new tooling projects unveiled between the Bachmann Branchline and Graham Farish ranges. What’s more, there are further exciting developments and numerous new items in OO and N scale this Spring, all of which are due to land on shelves in the coming months, so let’s take a look at some of the highlights.

Delightful Diesels from Graham Farish

Starting with the Graham Farish N scale range and we are delighted to unveil a model of one of Britain’s newest trains, the Class 769 Bi-Mode Multiple Unit. These four car units share many similarities with the Class 319 EMUs and therefore it’s no surprise that the specification for our model has much in common with that of the Graham Farish Class 319 too. Sticking with N scale and the Graham Farish Class 08 Diesel Shunter has been upgraded to feature a Next18 DCC decoder socket and speaker, meaning that not only can DCC-users enjoy these iconic locomotives, but SOUND FITTED versions will also be offered for the first time. There are also new models for the Scenecraft range, whilst more Mermaid and Shark wagons are on the way from EFE Rail.

A Double Helping of Double Fairlies

Hot on the heels of the OO9 scale Double Fairlie, which came as a big surprise to many from Bachmann Narrow Gauge in Winter 2021, a further version of this iconic loco has been unveiled as ‘Merddin Emrys’ with enclosed cab and in FR Lined Maroon livery. Two versions are available, a standard model or a SOUND FITTED model with pre-fitted DCC Sound Decoder which will operate (with sound!) on both DCC and Analogue control straight out of the box.

A Six Pack of Duffs from Bachmann Branchline

Following the release of the first of the all-new Bachmann Branchline OO scale Class 47s in late-2021 – including the SOUND FITTED DELUXE models which include twin motorised radiator fans and tinted windscreen glazing, both features that have been pioneered by Bachmann and are unique to the Branchline Class 47 among the models currently available on the British OO scale market – six further Class 47s were unveiled this Spring. These include the two models previously announced before the all-new Bachmann Branchline Class 47 was unveiled, alongside examples in BR ScotRail, BR Large Logo Blue, Freightliner Grey and DRS Compass liveries.

New Tooling Rolling Stock in OO Scale

We are delighted to unveil two new rolling stock releases from Bachmann Branchline, the first of which is the BR Mk2F Refurbished Driving Brake Second Open (DBSO). Following on from the highly-acclaimed BR Mk2F Coaches, which included a model of the as-built DBSO, new tooling has been developed for the Refurbished vehicles and these are offered in BR InterCity Swallow, Anglia and Network Rail livery. Each model features interior, directional and central door locking lights, with an integral DCC decoder allowing independent control of the lighting features when used on DCC, whilst on analogue control the directional and interior lights can be enjoyed.

The second new item is the BR 12 Ton ‘Vanwide’ Ventilated Vans. These models share the same high level of detail as their more contemporary cousins the VEAs, with separately fitted door handles, door runners, lamp irons and chalk boards, plus a highly detailed chassis with separately fitted brake shoes, vacuum equipment and metal buffers. Optional brake pulls, safety straps and vacuum pipes are included too. Six versions make up the initial offering including two with an authentic weathered finish which features faded paintwork and markings.

The MFA and MTA Wagons also return to the Bachmann Branchline range, whilst more JIA Wagons will be available from the EFE Rail range.

Setting a Scene for our New Scenecraft Models

Highlights from the Scenecraft range include a N scale Low Relief Multi Storey Car Park and High Street Store – finished as a branch of Beatties – and in OO scale the Great Central Signal Box makes a welcome return in two colour schemes. The iconic GWR Parachute Water Tower makes a fine addition to the growing number of O scale Scenecraft models.

Like all of the items featured in each British Railway Announcements, these new products are due to be arriving with your local Bachmann stockist in the coming months, so contact your local stockist to order yours today.

A Trio of new models from the Bachmann Collectors Club

The next N scale Limited Edition model to be offered by the Bachmann Collectors Club was unveiled today as part of Bachmann Europe’s Spring 2022 British Railway Announcements. The new model depicts the BR Mk1 BG ‘Laboratory 23’ in the Railway Technical Centre’s revised colour scheme. Based on the Graham Farish Mk1 BG which carries a high level of detail and an authentic livery application, just five hundred and four models have been made and each is supplied with a numbered certificate of authenticity – priced at £45.95, the model is in stock and available to purchase now.

In OO scale, two new exclusive models were also announced, both of which utilise the tooling for the Bachmann Branchline JPA Bogie Cement Wagon and these appear in Colas Rail and VTG livery. Unlike the Limited Edition models normally offered by the Collectors Club, the pair of JPAs are not certificated and these have been produced as standalone items, with no further JPAs appearing in the main Bachmann Branchline range.

Bachmann Collectors Club members can place their orders online via New members can also join online and purchase from the growing range of Club exclusive models straight away. Orders and membership enquiries can also be made by telephone on 01455 245565.