GMRC Series 2 – Heat One

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Heat one of the Great Model Railway Challenge launched the Second Series with fiery scenes on Friday 13th September, with three teams competing to go through to the semi-final stage of the contest; The Train Set, Corby Steelmen and Fancott Miniature Marvels tackled ‘The Restless Earth’ theme with great enthusiasm, creativity and skill.

Heat One team ‘The Train Set’

All three teams put the 25 piece ModelMaker Essentials Tool Set (MM014) to good use during the build, with P-way workers (36-050) and Modern Street Scene Figures (36-411) witnessing The Fracking Disaster on Fancott Miniature Marvels’ layout. 

Scenecraft OO P-way workers (36-050)
MM014 ModelMaker Essentials Tool Set
Scenecraft OO Modern Street Scene Figures (36-411)

The Train Set and Corby Steelmen made extensive use of items from the Woodland Scenics range, including landscaping sheets, earth scatters and vegetation to great effect; both teams finished their track using Proses Ballast Spreader (PBS-HO-01).

Proses OO/HO Ballast Spreader (PBS-HO-01)

Keen-eyed traction and rolling stock observers will have noted the following operating for the Corby Steelmen: LB&SCR E4 Tank 32494 BR lined black (35-079), GB Railfreight Class 66/7 66711 ‘Sence’ in Aggregate Industries’ attractive green, grey and blue livery, and a rake of BR BAA Steel Carrier wagons in Railfreight red (38-352B).

Branchline LB&SCR E4 Tank 32494 BR lined black (35-079)
Branchline BR BAA Steel Carrier wagons in Railfreight red (38-352B)

Sadly, as the Train Set failed to convince the judges that they should progress in the contest, with their layout ‘Beagleton’s Seismic Shakedown,’ so we will not be able to enjoy more of their rather delightful scenic modelling prowess, nor see how Fancott Miniature Marvels would have tackled the next challenge. 

Congratulations from Bachmann to the winners of heat one, Corby Steelmen with their layout ‘Terra Profugus.’  Now we look forward to the second heat on Friday 20th!

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