Product Availability Update

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We recently welcomed a group of Bachmann Collectors Club members to our Barwell premises to have a sneak preview of our upcoming new website alongside a guided tour of our offices. During the day we were asked about the status of several forthcoming items and so we would like to take this opportunity to remind you where this information can be found quickly and easily on our current website.

The latest availability information for all of our current range of products can be found on our Availability page. Here you can search by a wide range or attributes including item number; description; keyword; product range; scale and stock status.

Items that are ‘In Stock’ are those which are currently in stock in our warehouse and can therefore be purchased via any Bachmann stockist – if your local stockist does not have the item available then they should be able to order it for you. Items which are ‘Out Of Stock’ have sold out from our warehouse, but please do check with your local Bachmann stockist as they may still have stock of the item, even though we have now sold out.

Where a forthcoming item has an estimated release date, this will be shown in the ETA column. If the ETA column shows ‘TBA’ then this indicates that the item is a forthcoming release, however an estimated release date has not yet been published for this item – this may be because development work is ongoing for that particular item or a production slot is awaited for it.

Please keep checking back regularly as our product availability information is updated on a weekly basis to reflect changes in stock status and production schedules.

Find your nearest Bachmann stockist via our Stockist page.

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