Learn model scenery with Woodland Scenics

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Have you always wanted to create your own model scenery but just didn’t know how to get started? Or are you a modeller who wants to add a new element to your existing layout and would like some guidance on how to do so? Well look no further, these helpful instructional videos from Woodland Scenics can help you achieve your modelling goals.

Building a layout with SubTerrain

Traditionally, building a model railway layout was a noisy, dirty job requiring skills with power tools. Not any more. Using the revolutionary SubTerrain Lightweight Layout System anyone can build a state of the art layout in just 5 easy steps. Step 1 Install Risers. Step 2 Install Inclines. Step 3 Install Profile Boards. Step 4 Install Sheets. Step 5 Add Plaster Cloth.

On our YouTube Channel you can find a selection of videos relating to the SubTerrain System, helping to break it down into easy-to-follow steps for modellers of all skill levels.

Model realistic rocks

Learn how to make, install and colour realistic rock formations for any layout, display or diorama. This instructional video walks you through the process of casting various sizes and styles of rocks, installing them on your layout and colouring them with Woodland Scenics Earth Colours Liquid Pigments.

Easily model realistic ground cover

This video walks you through the various different products in the Woodland Scenics Landscape System that help you achieve realistic ground cover. Using different products in varying colours and textures to model a variety of plant life we see every day in nature.

Modelling realistic trees 

Trees add life, realism, texture and perspective to layouts, dioramas, displays or any project. Learn to alter the foliage, change the shape and add detail to armatures. In this video you can also learn how to add shadows and highlights to existing foliage and model realistic dead fall.

Modelling water features

Easily capture the movement of a rushing river or the calm surface of a murky lake by using the Water System from Woodland Scenics. The complete system has been designed to model all bodies of water and their features.

Add texture and dimension with Static Grass

The Woodland Scenics Field System makes it easy to add texture and dimension while modelling meadows, fields and pastures with incredible realism. A wide range of colours and textures allow you to model any season or grassy landscape.


Visit our YouTube channel today for lots more easy-to-follow modelling tutorials. Many of our retailers are still offering a mail-order service at this time, please see the listing on our website for contact details.