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The Warflat Wagon as it became known was designed in 1917 to the standard London and North Western Railway co (LNWR) 40 ton ‘Parrot’ bogie trolley design for the War Department for use during the First World War.

38-740 WD 40T ‘Parrot’ Bogie Wagon WD Grey With Sheeted Tank
OO Scale

38-741 WD 40T ‘Parrot’ Bogie Wagon LMS Grey
OO Scale

By the Second World War the original 40T ‘Parrot’ wagons were requisitioned by the War Department and the design was modified featuring a fabricated side profile, disk wheels, vacuum braking and harder springing. This produced wagons capable of carrying 45 tons (single bottom plate) and 50 tons (double bottom plate).

38-725 WD 50T ‘Warflat’ Bogie Wagon WD Khaki Green With Cromwell MKIV Tank [WL]
OO Scale

38-726 WD 50T ‘Warflat’ Bogie Wagon WD Bronze Green With Cromwell MKIV Tank [WL]
OO Scale

38-727 WD 50T ‘Warflat’ Bogie Wagon BR Grey (Early)
OO Scale

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