Product Highlight: NG7 Round Up

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Product Highlight: NG7 Round Up

The Bachmann Narrow Gauge NG7 range of 7mm narrow gauge models was first revealed back in April and has since garnered a huge amount of interest from modellers whenever the range has been shown at exhibitions and events across the country.

The most recent event at which the models made an appearance was fittingly the 7mm Narrow Gauge Association’s annual exhibition at Burton-Upon-Trent on the 8th of June 2024, which Bachmann Europe were proud to support and present a locomotive and some wagons to the association for use in their raffle. We were also happy to donate a model to the association’s founder, Don Mason, in recognition of his 45 years of promoting 7mm scale modelling.

The Bachmann Narrow Gauge NG7 models are due to arrive shortly, so it’s a perfect time to have a look at them in more detail!

NG7 models are produced at the scale of 1:43.5, which is exactly the same as O Scale and O-16.5 Narrow Gauge. Therefore, there is already a growing range of models and accessories available that compliment and are compatible with our NG7 range. Locomotives and rolling stock run on 16.5mm track, which is the same gauge as standard OO/HO scale track, but specialist track that is designed to look more accurate when used with Narrow Gauge rolling stock is already available from Peco as part of their O-16.5 range.

Quarry Hunslet Locomotives

After the success of our Quarry Hunslet models in OO9 Scale, it only makes sense that they would also be the first locomotives to be introduced into the Bachmann Narrow Gauge NG7 range. The increase in size has allowed for even more detail and features that were not possible in the smaller OO9 models, including a pre-fitted speaker that enable us to produce SOUND FITTED Quarry Hunslet models for the first time.

71-025(SF) - Quarry Hunslet 0-4-0ST 'Alice' Dinorwic Quarry Red
71-026(SF) - Quarry Hunslet 0-4-0ST 'Britomart' Pen-yr-Orsedd Quarry Blue

There are four Quarry Hunslet models available, each featuring a unique combination of details, with different chimney sizes, different bufferbeam details, open or enclosed cabs, angled or straight frames, and different safety valves and lubricator options being just a few of these variations. There are also a choice of different options for couplings, with OO9-style hook and loop couplings and more prototypical NG7 chopper couplings being included in the box. The models also all share the following features:

  • Coreless motor
  • Separate metal bearings fitted to each axle with electrical pickup from all wheels
  • Diecast metal chassis block and gearbox
  • Each model supplied with a set of authentically decorated etched name plates and works plates, and an accessory pack including alternative couplings, bufferbeam filler plates and fire tools
  • Firebox Glow (on analogue) / Firebox Glow & Flicker (on DCC or when SOUND FITTED models are used on analogue)
  • Next18 DCC decoder interface – recommended Decoder Item no. 36-567A
  • Speaker installed in all models for optimum sound reproduction
  • Detachable coupling pockets to NEM362 standards fitted at each end, into which a standard NG7 coupling is fitted (alternative couplings provided for optional fitting)
71-027(SF) - Quarry Hunslet 0-4-0ST 'Margaret' Penrhyn Quarry Lined Black (Early)
71-028(SF) - Quarry Hunslet 0-4-0ST 'Una' Lined Green

SOUND FITTED versions of each model are also available. These versions are fitted with a Zimo MS590N18 DCC Sound Decoder that has been pre-programmed with an exclusive sound project containing over 25 functions. These SOUND FITTED locomotives may also be used on most Analogue (DC) layouts, where they will play normal running sounds as well as other automatic or randomised sounds when power is applied.

Quarry Hunslet 0‑4‑0ST ‘Alice’ Dinorwic Quarry RedQuarry Hunslet 0‑4‑0ST ‘Britomart’ Pen‑yr‑Orsedd Quarry BlueQuarry Hunslet 0‑4‑0ST ‘Margaret’ Penrhyn Quarry Lined Black (Early)Quarry Hunslet 0‑4‑0ST ‘Una’ Lined Green
LiveryDinorwic Quarry RedPen-yr-Orsedd Quarry BluePenrhyn Quarry Lined Black (Early)Lined Green
BufferbeamDumb BuffersPiston Access HolesDeep BufferbeamPiston Access Holes
Safety ValesRamsbottomRamsbottomSalterRamsbottom
Lubricator MountSingle SmokeboxTwin SmokeboxSingle SmokeboxTwin Smokebox
Blower SupplyLeft Hand SideRight Hand SideRight Hand SideRight Hand Side
SOUND FITTED71‑025SF71‑026SF71‑027SF71‑028SF

Dinorwic Slate Wagons

All locomotives need rolling stock to pull, so the Bachmann Narrow Gauge NG7 range features a choice of wagons based on those that were used at Dinorwic Quarry in Wales. There are three different types of wagon available, and all three types are available in either Red or Grey with a choice of two wagons for each combination.

73-026 - Dinorwic Slate Wagon without sides Red
73-028A - Dinorwic Slate Wagon with sides Red [WL]

The first type of wagon are Dinorwic Slate Wagons without sides, which were used primarily to transport slate and other large or wide loads. The second wagons are Dinorwic Slate Wagons with Sides, which were used to transport dressed slate. The final type of wagon are Dinorwic Coal Wagons, which could carry slate from the quarry to the port and coal in the reverse direction.

The wagons have all been produced with a diecast chassis, with an injection moulded body that features engraved deck plank detail. They are are equipped with curved-spoke wheels and NEM coupling pockets which enable a choice of different couplings. The wagons with sides also include an appropriate load for the type of wagon.

Dinorwic Slate Wagon without sides GreyDinorwic Slate Wagon without sides RedDinorwic Slate Wagon with sides Grey [WL]Dinorwic Slate Wagon with sides Red [WL]Dinorwic Coal Wagon Grey [WL]Dinorwic Coal Wagon Red [WL]
LiveryPristine GreyPristine RedPristine GreyPristine RedPristine GreyPristine Red
Name‘Twll Mwg’ / ‘Abyssinia’
Weight Marking700 / 730
Product Code73‑025 / 73‑025A73‑026 / 73‑026A73‑027 / 73‑027A73‑028 / 73‑028A73‑029 / 73‑029A73‑030 / 73‑030A

Scenecraft Buildings and Accessories

47-0101 - Narrow Gauge (NG7) Slate Built Engine Shed

Along with locomotives and wagons, there are also NG7 buildings and accessories available from Scenecraft range. The first is the Slate Built Engine Shed (47-0101), which features green highlights and is based on the shed that was used at the Dinorwic Quarry.

The next building is the Slate Built Water Tower (47-0102). This green water tank is mounted on a slate base, and there are stairs also built from slate that lead up to the tank. 

47-0102 - Narrow Gauge (NG7) Slate Built Water Tower
47-0103 - Narrow Gauge (NG7) Slate Built Coal Store

The final building model is the Slate Built Coal Store (47-0103), which also has green highlights. All three slate built building models can be used on their own or can be combined together to depict a full Dinorwic shed scene.

For those who would like to have additional slate loads for their wagons or would just like to use slate loads as a scenic decoration, there is the Dinorwic Wagon Slate Load (47-0542) accessory pack. This pack contains four slate loads, which are not only suitable for use with our NG7 models, but also for O scale and O-16.5 scale layouts.

47-0542 - Narrow Gauge (NG7) Dinorwic Wagon Slate Load (x4)
47-413 Footplate Crew (x2)

The final NG7 Scenecraft accessories are the Footplate Crew (47-413). This accessory pack contains two locomotive crew members that are suitable with NG7, O and O-16.5 scale models.

These models are currently expected to arrive over the next month, so head to the Bachmann Europe website where you can find more information. Once you’ve selected your models, get in touch with your nearest retailer to order yours!

Your nearest retailer can be found by using the Retailers page on our website, which can be accessed either from the menu at the top of the page or by clicking on the button below.

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