Product Highlight: OO9 Scale Round-Up

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Product Highlight: OO Scale Round Up

It has been another big year for the OO9 scale Bachmann Narrow Gauge range, with several new models having been released during the course of 2023. For this Product Highlight, we will have a quick look at many of the new models that have arrived over the last year, along with any equivalent models from 2022 that are still available.

Mainline Hunslet Saddle Tank Locomotives

391-135 Linda Front View

The original 0-4-0 Mainline Hunslet models were released in late 2022 and were extremely popular, with the SOUND FITTED versions having already sold out. 

Earlier this year, we released additional models of ‘Linda’ (pictured above) and ‘Blanche’ (right) in 2-4-0STT (Saddle Tank with Tender) formation in Ffestiniog Railway Green, featuring a tender and front pony truck that made them very different from the previous models. These new models were featured in a Product Highlight at the time of their original release, when they were available exclusively from the Ffestiniog Railway’s shop. However, they have now been made available as a general release to our other Retailers

391-136 Blanche Tender View
391-135k Penrhyn Mainline Hunslet 2-4-0STT 'Linda' Ffestiniog Railway Blue Black

For modellers that would prefer a 2-4-0STT Mainline Hunslet in Blue, there is another model that depicts how ‘Linda’ appeared in the 1990s, when she was fired by oil and sported a stovepipe chimney and oil carrying tender. This model is available exclusively to members of the Bachmann Collectors Club.

These models all feature a Next18 DCC decoder socket (recommended decoder item No. 36-567A), a coreless motor with flywheel, NEM coupling pockets, and a lit firebox. The SOUND FITTED models feature a Zimo MX659N18 DCC Sound Decoder with an exclusive sound project that contains over 25 functions. The SOUND FITTED models can be used on an analogue DC layout where normal load running sounds, acceleration steam chuff sounds and many other automatic and randomised sounds will be played when power is applied.

391-126 0-4-0ST Charles Penrhyn Quarry Lined Black Late
NameLiveryArrangementStandardSOUND FITTED
‘Blanche’Penrhyn Quarry Lined Black (Early)0-4-0ST391-125Sold Out
‘Charles’Penrhyn Quarry Lined Black (Late)0-4-0ST391-126Sold Out
‘Linda’Penrhyn Quarry Lined Black (Late) [W]0-4-0ST391-127Sold Out
‘Linda’Ffestiniog Railway Green2-4-0STT391-135391-135SF
‘Linda’*Ffestiniog Railway Blue 2-4-0STT391-135K391-135KSF
‘Blanche’Ffestiniog Railway Green2-4-0STT391-136391-136SF
*These models of ‘Linda’ in FR Blue are exclusive to members of the Bachmann Collectors Club.

Quarry Hunslet Saddle Tank Locomotive ‘Holy War’

391-054 Quarry Hunslet 0-4-0 Tank 'Holy War' Bala Lake Railway Lined Blue

Models of the Quarry Hunslet saddle tank locomotives were also released in 2022, with 2023 having seen an additional locomotive in the form of ‘Holy War’ in the Bala Lake Railway’s lined blue livery. There is only a very limited quantity of this model remaining, which can be purchased exclusively from the Bala Lake Railway’s shop.

Our ‘Holy War’ model features a diecast running plate and boiler, with several separately fitted details such as handrails, valves, springs, brake shoes and cab controls and optional and etched name and works plates. It is equipped with a 6 Pin (Micro) DCC decoder socket (recommended Decoder item No. 36-571), a powerful coreless motor and flywheel and NEM coupling pockets.

391-054 Quarry Hunslet 0-4-0 Tank 'Holy War' Bala Lake Railway Lined Blue
NameLiveryProduct Code
‘Holy War’Bala Lake Railway Lined Blue391-054

Gloucester Bogie Coaches

Just like with the Mainline Hunslets, we’ve already taken a look at two of our new Gloucester Bogie Coaches in one of our previous Product Highlights. However, since then we have announced a further three models and all versions have now begun to arrive with Bachmann retailers.

394-025A - Gloucester Bogie Coach Ashover L.R. Crimson No. 4
394-027 - Gloucester Bogie Coach Lincolnshire Coast L.R. Crimson & Cream

These three new models feature the same high level of detail, with panelled walls with recessed windows and doors and metal handrails along the sides and separately-fitted ventilators and finely moulded rain strips on the roof. The interiors  are fully modelled and decorated, with seats running underneath the windows along either side and detailed floorboards and roof supports.

The chassis is made of diecast metal and features brake rigging and pipes along the full length of each coach. The coach bogies feature metal wheels and NEM coupling pockets.

394-028 - Gloucester Bogie Coach Lincolnshire Coast L.R. Maroon
NumberLiveryProduct Code
№ 1Ashover L. R. Crimson394-025
№ 4Ashover L. R. Crimson394-025A
Lincolnshire Coast L. R. Blue & Cream394-026
Lincolnshire Coast L.R. Crimson & Cream394-027
№ 2Lincolnshire Coast L.R. Maroon394-028

Dinorwic Quarry Slate Wagons

393-225 Dinorwic Slate Wagons without Sides Grey

Many of the locomotives featured in our Bachman Narrow Gauge range were used at slate quarries, so it only makes sense for there to also be a set of Dinorwic Quarry Slate Wagons for them to pull as well. 

The wagons are available with or without sides and loads, and come in a choice of either red or grey. The models feature metal wheels and NEM coupling pockets, and are supplied with a choice of standard OO9 scale couplings or more discreet hook and loop couplings.

393-228 Dinorwic Slate Wagons with Sides Red
ColourSides/LoadProduct Code

Dinorwic Wagon Slate Load

44-0542 Dinorwic Wagon Slate Load (x4)

To go with the above wagons, there is a pack of four Dinorwic Wagon Slate Loads from Scenecraft. This pack contains 4 loads of dressed slate. These loads can also be used as scenic decoration for any OO9 or OO scale layout.

DescriptionProduct Code
Dinorwic Wagon Slate Load44-0542

RNAD Wagons

393-102 RNAD Enclosed-End Brake Van WHR Red

If slate wagons aren’t your thing, then we also have a range of various Royal Naval Armaments Depot (RNAD) Wagons. These wagons were all designed in order to perform movements around the depot facilities, although many have now entered preservation elsewhere due to the depots being closed down.

There are multiple different types of wagon available, with a number of different liveries. The wagons all have NEM coupling pockets. More details about the individual wagons can be found in our previous Product Highlight or in the individual product pages on our website that are linked in the table below. 

393-153 RNAD Rebuilt Open Wagon 'Lenham Storage' Green
WagonNumberLiveryProduct Code
RNAD Enclosed-End Brake VanTO 153RNAD Grey393-100
RNAD Open-End Brake Van43985Statfold Barn Railway Brown393-101
RNAD Enclosed-End Brake Van65Welsh Highland Railway Red393-102
RNAD VanRNAD Grey393-125
RNAD Box Van47062SR Brown393-126
RNAD Van53471 ‘MICA B’Statfold Barn Railway White393-127
RNAD Rebuilt Open Wagon33475Statfold Barn Railway Grey393-150
RNAD Rebuilt Open Wagon 7Welsh Highland Railway Red393-151
RNAD Rebuilt Open Wagon31ICI Buxton Lime393-152
RNAD Rebuilt Open Wagon3Lenham Storage393-153
RNAD Flat Wagon Planked Ends (with Sleeper Load)DH314 37RNAD Dean Hill393-175
RNAD Flat Wagon393-176 ‘Serpent B’Statfold Barn Railway Grey393-176
RNAD Flat Wagon24Dean Hill393-177

Scenecraft Narrow Gauge Station

44-0016R Narrow Gauge Station Red

Finally, we have the return of the Narrow Gauge Station to the Scenecraft range. The station is based on Woody Bay Station on the Lynton & Barnstaple Railway, and is suitable for use on OO scale layouts as well as OO9.

This latest release of the Narrow Gauge Station model comes with optional toilet blocks that can be placed on either side of the building, whilst the main station itself is now available in a choice of colours with either red or green doors.

44-0016 Narrow Gauge Station Green
ColourProduct Code

Most of these models are available from Bachmann retailers now, so head to the Bachmann Europe website where you can find more information. Once you’ve selected your models, get in touch with your nearest retailer to order yours! 

Retailer Page Screenshot

Your nearest retailer can be found by using the Retailers page on our website, which can be accessed either from the menu at the top of the page or by clicking on the button below.