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Bachmann Europe Plc today unveiled its Autumn 2023 British Railway Announcements, revealing new products that are set to be released over the coming months for each of its model railway ranges. With new tooling projects in N, OO and OO9 scale, more than a century of railway history is depicted by the models that make up the Autumn collection.

Bachmann Branchline

The Bachmann Branchline OO scale range sees two award winning models return this Autumn – but not as you know them. First is the BR Standard 9F and following recent upgrades to this model to incorporate a Plux22 DCC interface and a pre-fitted speaker, new tooling has now been produced to depict the ‘Tyne Dock’ locomotives. In 1956, ten 9Fs were delivered to Tyne Dock, North East England, fitted with Westinghouse Air Pumps. The pumps were needed to work the air-operated doors of the specially designed wagons used to carry iron ore from Tyne Docks to the iron works at Consett. In traffic for ten years, two of the fleet are depicted in typical, heavily weathered condition. SOUND FITTED models which utilise a bespoke sound project are also available.

Next is the CEP Electric Multiple Unit (EMU) and the Bachmann Branchline model has been refurbished with new bodyshells portraying the work undertaken when the real units were refurbished – most notably the fitting of hopper window ventilators and the relocation of the brake compartments from the two driving vehicles to a single trailer vehicle. The first release to utilise this new tooling depicts Class 411/9 3-CEP No. 1199 in South West Trains livery and this is joined by a Blue & Grey-liveried Class 422/7 4-TEP – a unit formed of three refurbished CEP vehicles and an un-refurbished buffet vehicle from a BEP unit. The TEPs were formed to provide catering capacity whilst 4-BIG units were being refurbished during the 1980s. Both models require a single DCC decoder for use on DCC systems or can be purchased in SOUND FITTED format with a decoder pre-installed.

Further multiple units are of the diesel variety, namely the Class 158 DMU which carries the liveries of South West Trains, Transport for Wales, Northern and Central Trains. A brace of Class 37s joins the motive power fleet, with BR’s Railfreight Red Stripe livery adorning the new Branchline 37 for the first time alongside ‘Radio Highland’ in BR Blue Large Logo livery – each is available in standard, SOUND FITTED and SOUND FITTED DELUXE format. Autumn sees the Branchline range of rolling stock expand as well, with new releases of the BR Mk1 Suburban coaches covering BR Crimson, BR Maroon and BR Blue liveries.

Graham Farish

The Graham Farish range again welcomes a host of new additions this Autumn, starting with new Train Sets. Four sets will be available, covering passenger and freight operations in both the steam and diesel era and two, the Thanet Flyer and Moving Mountains, will also be available with an optional SOUND FITTED variant. These SOUND FITTED Train Sets include a locomotive fitted with a Zimo sound decoder and an analogue controller, allowing users to enjoy realistic sounds straight from the box. The LMS ‘Black 5’ returns to the Graham Farish steam fleet and six models will be available including preserved examples No. 5000 and No. 45407 ‘The Lancashire Fusilier’. The new Graham Farish Class 90 also returns, twelve months after its grand unveiling, with a further five models available with or without SOUND FITTED.

SOUND FITTED versions of the all-new Class 158 DMUs from Graham Farish join the previously announced standard format models, along with more liveries including Central Trains, GWR and Northern. There are SOUND FITTED versions of the Class 14 Diesel too, now that the upgrades to fit a DCC decoder socket and speaker to this diminutive model are complete. New N scale rolling stock releases are dominated by the Thompson Coaches this Autumn, with five vehicle types – including the Full Brake, which joins the Graham Farish range for the first time – each available in LNER Teak Effect, BR Crimson & Cream and BR Maroon liveries.

Bachmann Narrow Gauge

Two new wagons join the Bachmann Narrow Gauge OO9 scale range with the Dinorwic Slate Wagons modelled as both flatbed wagons and with sides. The flatbed wagons were used to move slabs of slate from the rockface to the processing buildings, whilst wagons with sides transported finished slates around the quarry and onwards to transhipment sites. Both wagon types are available in packs of 3 wagons, and each is offered in either grey or red colour schemes – the wagons with sides also include dressed slate loads.


There is something of a Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway (S&DJR) theme for Bachmann Scenecraft this Autumn with the Shillingstone Goods Shed returning in both N and OO Scale – in both instances two colour schemes are available. In OO scale the famous Burnham-On-Sea station with its iconic train shed has been modelled. Continuing with OO scale and new lineside structures include a Platform Mounted Signal Box, a GCR Lamp Hut and a Shunter’s Hut – all of which are available in two colour schemes. Away from the rails and a new range of Low Relief Rear of Terraces is available with left or right hand door and with four colourways, whilst a Low Relief Alleyway has been produced for use with the Low Relief Front Terraced Houses (44-202). More contemporary buildings come in the form of a Low Relief Raised Office with Blue or Green cladding and a Fire Station complete with Exercise Tower.

EFE Rail

Marking the third anniversary of the company’s newest model railway brand, EFE Rail, the Autumn 2023 video presentation includes a special feature on the brand in which three new tooling projects are revealed. In OO scale, 4-coach packs of the London & South Western Railway (LSWR) Cross Country Coaches join the already-available 3-coach packs, with new tooling for the fourth vehicle to allow the earlier liveries of LSWR Salmon & Brown and SR Maunsell Green livery to be applied to these intricate models. The LSWR theme continues as the second new model from EFE Rail this Autumn is the LSWR covered vans, starting with six models which showcase the versatility of the tooling suite which allows  accurate models of the Diagram 1406, 1408 and 1410 vans to be produced. The Newton Chambers Car Carriers, which first broke cover at DEMU Showcase in June, also feature along with a new version of the Class 143 DMU in GWR Green livery.

The final EFE Rail model for Autumn 2023 sees the brand launch its first N scale steam locomotive and the ubiquitous War Department Austerity Saddle Tank is the subject of choice. Built between 1943 and 1964, almost 500 locomotives were constructed and following World War Two many found new work with the LNER, as Class J94s, and in industrial use allowing the type to carry many colourful and often unique liveries. With a coreless motor, 6 Pin DCC Decoder (micro decoder recommended) and NEM coupling pockets, the technical specification of these models matches their good looks. Six models form the initial release.

Full details of the Autumn range can be found in the Autumn 2023 British Railway Announcements video below, on the Bachmann Europe Website, or in the Autumn 2023 British Railway Announcements Catalogue published with the Bachmann Times – the official magazine of the Bachmann Collectors Club – which is on the way to Club members now.



The next three months are set to see frequent new arrivals across Bachmann’ model railway ranges, with the first new arrivals due during August, so head to the Bachmann Europe website where you can find the latest release information. Once you’ve selected your models, get in touch with your nearest retailer to pre-order yours!

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