Product Highlight: OO Scale Class 25

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The Product Highlights for the past few weeks have all been focused on products that will be arriving in the near future, so this time we are going to look at a pair of Bachmann Branchline models that are a little further away. 

Today we preview two new models of the British Rail Class 25 diesel locomotives, for which we have recently received livery samples. These OO Scale models have been produced using new tooling, enabling them to have features that have not been seen in our previous models of this class of locomotive. Both of these new models have the following features in common:

  • NEM Coupling Pockets
  • Sprung Buffers
  • Powerful 5 Pole Motor with Twin Flywheels
  • Detailed and Decorated Cab Interior
  • Directional Lighting
  • Interior Cab Lighting (when used on DCC)
  • Pre-fitted speaker for ease of Digital Sound installation
  • Equipped with a Plux22 DCC Decoder Socket
  • Sprung Buffers
  • Accessory Pack



32-340 – Class 25/1 25057 BR Blue [W]

The first model is 32-340, which is Class 25/1 No. 25057 in weathered BR Blue livery with full yellow ends. The locomotive displays headcode 0000 at both ends.
*Please note that this livery sample has a pristine finish. This will be weathered on the finished model.

The centre window on the front of the cab is smaller than the two surrounding it, as a result of a nose end door that was placed in the middle of each cab. However, the door itself has been plated over and there is a lamp bracket in the centre of where it would have been. There are horizontal handrails underneath the windows on either side. 

The locomotive features several grilles along both sides, although the boiler vent grilles have been plated over. The body side steps have also been plated over. 

On the roof, this model has rectangular exhaust and boiler ports, modelled fibreglass panels and a fan. Underneath the body of the locomotive, there is a 510 gallon fuel tank and a 580 gallon water tank between the bogies, with each tank having gauges on the sides.



32-341 – Class 25/2 D5282 BR Two-Tone Green (Small Yellow Panels)

Our next model is 32-341, which depicts Class 25/2 No. D5282 in BR’s Two-Tone Green livery with small yellow panels at each end. This locomotive carries the headcode 1T38 at one end and 9T61 on the other.

The cabs on the Class 25/2 did not have nose end doors, so the bottom edges of the windows are all flush with each other and the horizontal handrail covers the full width of the cab. The lamp bracket has been lowered to be half way between the buffer beam and the handrail.

This locomotive does not have as many grilles along the bodyside; instead, there are two small windows on each side offering a glimpse of the engine compartment which features its own dedicated lighting (when used on DCC). The boiler vent grilles and body side steps have not been plated over, although the boiler filler flap has. 

Along the roof, this model features rows of grilles along the sides, a circular exhaust port, raised roof panels and a fan. On the underside, this locomotive is equipped with a 510 gallon fuel tank with gauge, but does not carry a water tank.



These models will not be available for a while yet, so head to the Bachmann Europe website, where you can find the latest release information. Once you’ve selected your models, get in touch with your nearest retailer to pre-order yours!

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