Product Highlight: N Scale BR Mark 2F Coaches

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This year’s British Railway Announcements so far have both contained large numbers of N Scale items from the Graham Farish range. We’ve previously looked at the BR Mark 1 Coaches from the Summer announcements, so for this Product Highlight we are going to take the opportunity to have a look at the remaining passenger vehicles that were announced at the same time; the British Railway Mark 2F Coach.

These models accurately represent the shape of the Mark 2 coaches, with streamlined coach ends that are equipped with separately fitted handrails and corner footsteps. There are moulded ventilators on the roof at each end, and the roof also features a moulded toilet roof panel. The doors on the sides of these models feature modelled hinges, handles and bumper details, whilst the windows are flush with the sides of the coach body and feature tinted glazing. On the inside of the coach, there is a fully modelled interior featuring accurate table and chair layouts, with luggage compartment caging in brake vehicles.

Under the solebar, these coaches have braking, electrical and air conditioning equipment. On either side of this equipment, there are bogies that feature NEM coupling pockets and metal wheels. The coaches also come with an accessory pack containing multiple parts that can be fitted for additional detail.



BR Mk2F Coaches – BR Blue & Grey

The first set of coaches has been decorated in BR’s Blue and Grey livery from Era 7.

Item No.DescriptionRunning No.
374-735ABR Mk2F TSO Tourist Second OpenM6116
374-735BBR Mk2F TSO Tourist Second OpenM6181
374-690ABR Mk2F BSO Brake Second OpenM9521



BR Mk2F Coaches – BR InterCity (Swallow)

Our next coaches have been decorated in Era 8’s BR InterCity Swallow livery.

Item No.DescriptionRunning No.
374-738BR Mk2F TSO Tourist Second Open6115
374-738ABR Mk2F TSO Tourist Second Open6110
374-763BR Mk2F FO First Open3403
374-693BR Mk2F BSO Brake Second Open9526
374-693ABR Mk2F BSO Brake Second Open9516



BR Mk2F Coaches – Virgin Trains (Original)

The next coaches carry the original Virgin Trains livery from Era 9.

Item No.DescriptionRunning No.
374-739BR Mk2F TSO Tourist Second Open5977
374-739ABR Mk2F TSO Tourist Second Open6009
374-694BR Mk2F BSO Brake Second Open9522
374-694ABR Mk2F BSO Brake Second Open9531
374-764BR Mk2F FO First Open3392



BR Mk2F Coaches – ScotRail Saltire

The next set of coaches are decorated in ScotRail’s Saltire livery, also from Era 9.

Item No.DescriptionRunning No.
374-736BR Mk2F TSO Tourist Second Open5945
374-736ABR Mk2F TSO Tourist Second Open5987
374-691BR Mk2F BSO Brake Second Open9527
374-691ABR Mk2F BSO Brake Second Open9539



BR Mk2F Coaches – Network Rail Yellow

The final coaches are decorated in Network Rail’s Yellow livery of Era 9.

Item No.DescriptionRunning No.
374-740BR Mk2F TSO Tourist Second Open977985
374-695BR Mk2F BSO Brake Second Open9523



These models are due to arrive at retailers over the next few months, so head to the Bachmann Europe website where you can find the latest release information. Once you’ve selected your models, get in touch with your nearest retailer to pre-order yours!

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