Product Highlight: Southern Region Refurbished EMUs

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Product Highlight: Southern Region Refurbished EMUs

The Bachmann Branchline range of OO Scale models has recently celebrated the arrival of several new models that are sure to catch the eyes of BR Southern Region modellers. These models are the Corridor Electro-Pneumatic Brake refurbished Electric Multiple Units (EMUs) in both 3-Car (3-CEP) and 4-Car (4-CEP) arrangements, as well as the 4-Car Temporary BEP (4-TEP) refurbished EMU.

Models of the 4-CEP EMU have been available from Bachmann Branchline for some time, however these award-winning models have only ever depicted the units in their original, as-built condition. During their refurbishment in the 1970s, the units were changed drastically including the rearrangement of the window and door layout, and the fitting of new windows – with hopper ventilators instead of sliding-ventilators. Now, new bodyshells have been produced to model the CEPs in their Refurbished form for the first time.

31-424 Class 422/7 4TEP 4-Car EMU (refurbished) Side View

The outsides of these models carry an impressive amount of detail, with many separately fitted parts such as metal wire handrails on the Driving Motor Second Open (DMSO) cars, multiple working equipment, windscreen wipers, and roof mounted horns, along with high-intensity headlights, where appropriate, as part of the directional lighting. The interiors also feature this high level of detail, with interior lighting that illuminates the tables and chairs in the passenger compartments and the seat, controls and brake wheel in the driver’s cab, all of which can be seen through the tinted windows. 

Beneath the solebar, there are modelled truss frames and brake gear, as well as auxiliary equipment. The unit rests on Commonwealth Bogies, except for the ends of the DMSO coaches which have Mark 4 Motor Bogies with third-rail pickup shoes. The models also share the following features:

  • Accessory Pack
  • NEM Coupling Pockets at the outer ends
  • Integral conductive couplings mounted on close-coupling mechanisms between vehicles
  • Interior Lighting
  • Directional Lighting (leading end)
  • Equipped with a 21 Pin DCC Decoder Socket – recommended Decoder 36-557A
31-420 Class 411-9 3-CEP 3-Car EMU (refurbished) Ends View

There are also SOUND FITTED versions of each model available. These versions are fitted with an ESU Loksound V5DCC Sound Decoder that has been pre-programmed with an exclusive sound project containing over 20 functions. 

The SOUND FITTED units may also be used on most Analogue (DC) layouts, where they will play normal load running sounds as well as other automatic or randomised sounds when power is applied.

The real Southern Region 4-CEP EMUs were based on an idea originally conceived by the Southern Railway, although they were not designed and built until the mid-1950s as part of the Kent Coast Electrification Scheme. Over a hundred 4‑CEPs were built, with another twenty-two Buffet Electro-Pneumatic Brake EMUs (4‑BEP) that had a Trailer Restaurant Buffet (TRB) car instead of a Trailer Second Corridor (TSK) car. 

31-423 Class 411 4-CEP 4-Car EMU (Refurb.) BR London & South East Sector Cab Side

The units were refurbished in the 1970s to remove blue asbestos insulation and in doing so changes were made to provide additional passenger accommodation. The guard’s compartments were removed from each of the Driving Motor Brake Second (DMBS) vehicles – which then became DMSOs – and a single guard’s compartment was fitted into the Trailer Composite Corridor (TCK) vehicle which became a Trailer Brake Composite Corridor (TBCK). The Trailer Second Corridor (TSK) vehicles were re-built as Trailer Second Opens (TSO). Along with the resulting change of window and door layout, the windows themselves were changed across the whole unit from the sliding-ventilator type to hopper-ventilators. 

Following the removal of the asbestos insulation new interiors were fitted, and in later years, high-intensity headlights were added. In the 1980s, four Refurbished 4-CEPs were converted into 4-TEP units (T – Temporary) to provide units with catering facilities whilst other EMUs were being refurbished. The units which became 4-TEPs had their Trailer Second Open (TSO) swapped for an un-refurbished Trailer Restaurant Buffet (TRB) vehicle taken from a redundant 4-BEP unit (B – Buffet). The sliding-ventilator windows of the TRB provided a start contrast to the hopper-ventilators of the three vehicles surrounding it.



31-420(SF) – Class 411/9 3-CEP 3-Car EMU (Refurbished) 1199 South West Trains

31-420 Class 411/9 3-CEP 3-Car EMU refurbished South West Trains

Our first refurbished EMU is 31‑420, which is Class 411/9 3-CEP set No. 1199 in South West Trains livery from Era 9. This set is made up of DMSO cars Nos. 61328 and 61329, along with TBCK car no. 70578. This unit carries roller blinds displaying 97. A SOUND FITTED version is available as 31‑420SF.



31-421(SF) – Class 411 4-CEP 4-Car EMU (Refurbished) 411506 BR Blue & Grey

31-421 Class 411 4-CEP 4-Car EMU (refurbished) BR Blue & Grey

Our next refurbished EMU model is 31‑421, which depicts Class 411 4-CEP set No. 411506 in BR’s Blue and Grey livery from Era 7. This set comprises of DMSO cars Nos. S61349 and S61348, TBCK car No. S70325 and TSO car No. S70282. The set has roller blinds displaying 14.  A SOUND FITTED version is available as 31‑421SF.



31-422(SF) – Class 411 4-CEP 4-Car EMU (Refurbished) 1512 BR Network SouthEast

31-422 Class 411 4-CEP 4-Car EMU (refurbished) BR Network SouthEast

Our third refurbished EMU is 31‑422, which is Class 411 4-CEP set No. 1512 in BR Network SouthEast livery from Era 8. This set is made up of DMSO cars Nos. 61321 and 61320, TBCK car No. 70311 and TSO car No. 70268. The set carries roller blinds displaying 88 at one end and 30 at the other. The SOUND FITTED version is 31‑422SF.



31-423(SF) – Class 411 4-CEP 4-Car EMU (Refurb.) 1522 BR London & South East Sector

31-423 Class 411 4-CEP 4-Car EMU (Refurb.) BR London & South East Sector

Our penultimate refurbished EMU is 31‑423, which is Class 411 4-CEP set No. 1522 in BR’s London & South East Sector livery from Era 8. This set contains DMSO cars Nos. S61347 and  S61346, TBCK car No. 70341 and TSO car No. 70665. The unit carries roller blinds showing 90 at one end and 22 at the other. The SOUND FITTED version is available as 31‑423SF.



31-424(SF) – Class 422/7 4-TEP 4-Car EMU (Refurbished) 2703 BR Blue & Grey

31-424 Class 422-7 4TEP 4-Car EMU (refurbished) BR Blue & Grey

Our final refurbished EMU is 31‑424, which depicts Class 422/7 4-TEP set No. 2703 in BR’s Blue and Grey livery from Era 8. This set comprises DMSO cars Nos. S61386 & S61387, TBCK car No. S70344 and TRB car No. S69020. The set has roller blinds displaying 46 at one end and 50 at the other. A SOUND FITTED version is available as 31‑424SF.



These models are already available from retailers, so head to the Bachmann Europe website where you can find more information. Once you’ve selected your models, get in touch with your nearest retailer to order yours! 

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