Product Highlight: OO Scale BR Mk1 Coaches

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Product Highlight: OO Scale BR Mk1 Coaches

The British Railways Mark 1 Coaches were a common sight on the railway for nearly half a century, so it only makes sense for models of these familiar carriages to be available as part of the Bachmann Branchline range of OO Scale models. New variants of this coach will be arriving throughout the rest of the year, so now is a good time to have a closer look at these upcoming models.

These models all feature the high level of intricate detail that you have come to expect from a Bachmann Branchline model. The coach rooves feature ventilators that have been finely moulded, along with separately fitted details such as hand rails and toilet filler pipes where they would have featured on the real carriages. 

The doors on the body sides feature moulded hinges, handles and bumper details. The recognisable multi-pane windows have intricate details such as sliding ventilators, as well as printed curtains and no smoking signs where appropriate. Several models are available both with and without passengers fitted. Those with passengers can be identified by their product codes, which feature the suffix PF.

The solebars feature footboards underneath the doors, whilst underneath the solebars are modelled truss rod frames along with relevant equipment such as battery boxes, vacuum cylinders, dynamos and other auxiliary equipment where appropriate. There are various types of detailed bogies that are suitable for each era, which are equipped with metal wheelsets. The models also all share the following features:

  • Accessory Pack
  • NEM Coupling Pockets
  • Close Coupling Mechanism

The Mk1 Coaches were the first standard design of coach developed by British Railways and were built between 1951 and the early 1960s. The coaches were designed to incorporate the best features of the rolling stock used by the prior ‘Big Four’ railway operators and were built for higher levels of versatility, safety and resilience than previous coaches, with many different variants for different uses that all featured steel bodies and other safety equipment integrated into their construction. The coaches worked in mainline use until the late 1990s, and can now commonly be seen on the many heritage railways across the country.

BR Mk1 TSO Tourist Second Open Coaches

Our first group of models contains BR Mk1 Tourist Second Open coaches. These coaches run on either Commonwealth or BR1 bogies as appropriate and are also available either with or without Passengers Fitted.

39-050H - BR Mk1 TSO Tourist Second Open BR Blue & Grey
EraRunning No.LiveryBogiesStandardPassengers FittedEst. Arrival
6M4921BR Blue & GreyCommonwealth39‑050H39‑050HPFAug/Sep
6E5045BR Blue & GreyCommonwealth39‑050J39‑050JPFAug/Sep
4E3774BR Crimson & CreamBR139‑052H39‑052HPFAug/Sep
84930BR InterCity (Executive)Commonwealth 39‑055A39‑055APFAug/Sep
94973WCRC MaroonCommonwealth 39‑059Arrived
94960WCRC MaroonCommonwealth 39‑059A39‑059APFAug/Sep
5SC4257BR MaroonBR139‑06039‑060PFAug/Sep
5E4283BR MaroonBR139‑060A39‑060APFAug/Sep
39-055A - BR Mk1 TSO Tourist Second Open BR InterCity (Executive)

BR Mk1 BSK Brake Second Corridor Coaches

Our next models are BR Mk1 Brake Second Corridor coaches. These coaches also run on either Commonwealth or BR1 bogies as appropriate and can be purchased either with or without Passengers Fitted.

EraRunning No.LiveryBogiesStandardPassengers FittedEst. Arival
6E35419BR Blue & GreyCommonwealth39‑075E39‑075EPFAug/Sep
4E34161BR Crimson & CreamBR139‑077G39‑077GPFAug/Sep
8M35451BR InterCity (Executive)Commonwealth39‑080A39‑080APFAug/Sep
999723WCRC MaroonCommonwealth39‑083Arrived
5SC35393BR Maroon liveryBR139‑08439‑084PFAug/Sep
39-075E - BR Mk1 BSK Brake Second Corridor BR Blue & Grey
39-084 BR Mk1 BSK Brake Second Corridor BR Maroon

BR Mk1 POS Post Office Sorting Van

Our next models are BR Mk1 Post Office Sorting Vans. These coaches feature a variety of bogies and roof ventilators, whilst the models that represent the coaches in earlier use also feature the Traductor Arms and Nets that would have been utilised for the exchange of mail.

EraRunning No.LiveryBogiesRoof VentilatorsMail Exchange GearProduct CodeEst. Arrival
5W80301Post Office RedBR1ShellTraductor Arms and Net39‑421CJul/Aug
5W80302Post Office RedBR1ShellTraductor Arms and Net39‑421DJul/Aug
880301Royal Mail Travelling Post OfficeB4ScallopRemoved39‑422AJul/Aug
7M80303BR Blue & Grey (Royal Mail)BR1ScallopRemoved39‑425BJul/Aug
880302Royal Mail LettersB4ScallopRemoved39‑430BJul/Aug
39-425B - BR Mk1 POS Post Office Sorting Van BR Blue & Grey (Royal Mail)
39-422A - BR Mk1 POS Post Office Sorting Van Royal Mail Travelling Post Office

BR MK1 BSO Brake Second Open

BR MK1 BSO Brake Second Open BR Chocolate & Cream

The next group of models are BR MK1 Brake Second Open, which are the first variants of coach on this page that have been created using new tooling. These coaches all feature BR1 bogies and have periscopes on the roof which would have made it easier for the guard to see signals.

EraRunning No.LiveryBogieProduct CodeEst. Arrival
4E9201BR Crimson & CreamBR139‑800Nov/Dec
5SC9357BR MaroonBR139‑801Nov/Dec
5E9277BR MaroonBR139‑801ANov/Dec
5W9276BR Chocolate & CreamBR139‑802Nov/Dec
39-800 - BR MK1 BSO Brake Second Open BR Crimson & Cream
39-801 - BR MK1 BSO Brake Second Open BR Maroon
39-801A - BR MK1 BSO Brake Second Open BR Maroon

BR MK1 FO First Open

Our penultimate type of coach model is the BR MK1 First Open. These models were also produced with new tooling and depict the coaches with either BR1 bogies and end steps, or with Commonwealth bogies with the end steps removed. 

EraRunning No.LiveryBogieEnd StepsProduct CodeEst. Arrival
4E3048BR Crimson & CreamBR1Yes39‑825Nov/Dec
4M3043BR Crimson & CreamBR1Yes39‑825ANov/Dec
5SC3102BR MaroonCommonwealthRemoved39‑826Nov/Dec
5E3123BR MaroonCommonwealthRemoved39‑826ANov/Dec
5W3085BR Chocolate & CreamBR1Yes39‑827Nov/Dec
39-826A - BR MK1 FO First Open BR Maroon
39-825 - BR MK1 FO First Open BR Crimson & Cream.jpg
39-827 - BR MK1 FO First Open BR Chocolate & Cream

BR MK1 RB Restaurant Buffet

39-852 - BR MK1 RB Restaurant Buffet BR (SR) Green

Our final group of coaches are BR MK1 Restaurant Buffet carriages, which feature a kitchen and pantry along with a service bar. The coaches are equipped with either BR2 or Commonwealth bogies as appropriate. These models are another newly tooled variant of the BR Mk1 Coach.

EraRunning No.LiveryBogiesProduct CodeEst. Arrival
5SC1658BR MaroonCommonwealth39‑850Nov/Dec
5E1664BR MaroonCommonwealth39‑850ANov/Dec
5W1732BR Chocolate & CreamBR239‑851Nov/Dec
5S1767BR (SR) GreenCommonwealth39‑852Nov/Dec
39-850 - BR MK1 RB Restaurant Buffet BR Maroon
39-851 - BR MK1 RB Restaurant Buffet BR Chocolate & Cream
39-850A - BR MK1 RB Restaurant Buffet BR Maroon

Some of these models are already available whilst others are expected to arrive throughout the year, so head to the Bachmann Europe website where you can find more information. Once you’ve selected your models, get in touch with your nearest retailer to order yours!

Your nearest retailer can be found by using the Retailers page on our website, which can be accessed either from the menu at the top of the page or by clicking on the button below

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