Woodland Scenics – How To Accent Tufts

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Previously we showed you how with the Woodland Scenics Field System you can easily add extra depth and texture with some wild grass tufts – missed it? Watch the video here!

Today we will be taking things a stage further by showing you how to customise your existing grass tufts by adding colourful accents, to create a wide verity of plant life on you layout or diorama!

Wether you want to create the look of dry straw, saplings or a lush clump of flowers the Woodland Scenics Field Grass system makes it easy!

There are four simple application methods to choose from, enabling you to create any type of foliage that you can think of quickly and easily, giving your landscape that extra touch of realism and depth!

Products you will need:

  • ModelMaker Paint Brushes (MM004)
  • Tuft-Tac™ (FS643)
  • Static Grass (FS614 – FS628)
  • Plant Hues (FS629)
  • Static King™ (FS639)
  • Flowers (T48)

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Want to lean more? Watch the full Field Grass play list here!